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I got my GC through employer 1 month back and my wife is in the process to her GC as my dependent. She got her EAD.

1. Do I have to stay with my employer for a certain period of time after i get my GC?

2. Can my wife move out of her employers company right after she gets her gc as she is going through dependent based GC.

3. Can I open my own company now and be its employee?

4. Can my wife open her own company now similarly?

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1. Yes. The prudent way is to work for an year or so for the employer. You may be immensely helped by a consult with the firm of Murthy. A change at any time in a similar field may not matter. A total change possibly means you stay with the GC employer for an year to show good faith.


2. Yes. She can work for anyone or not work.


3. Subject to 1, please discuss your specifics with a lawyer.


4. She can do anything she wants.

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