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I am a citizen of China and my wife is a US Citizen.  I have a green card and have been in the US for 3 years.  A couple of months ago, I filed for my N400 application and completed my fingerprinting last week.  The day after I submitted my fingerprints, my wife's company selected her to go to London to run a new product expansion project for 2 years starting August 1, 2016.   Under normal processing, I am likely to become a citizen around mid august after which I can apply for a passport and get it by mid september.  However, the problem is, we have a 9 month old son and I want to trvel with her if possible.  She works for a large, public, insurance company headquartered in the United States.  We are both currently in the US.  


1) Is it possible to file for 319(b) while we are both in the US (and before the US Citizen spouse is actually abroad)?  

2) I would like to update my case to expedited processing under 319(b).  My wife's manager has never done this process before and he asked for a draft letter which the company should give so he can speak to HR and get it done.  Does anyone have a sample letter?  If so, can you post it in a response?  Again, this is not military service or diplomatic service for which I found many samples.  This is a for-profit, public company, listed in the US. 

3) How do you prove that the company is 51% owned by US citizens?  My wife's company's top 20 shareholders are funds and hedge funds which make up more than 51%. 

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