Single DUI - H1b visa stamping in Mexico City since 7 weeks.


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I have a DUI from 2014 and the case was closed on June 5th 2015. I came to Mexico City for my second H1B stamping on April 4th 2016 and was given a 221g and was referred to a panel physician.

I got the tests done and the reports were submitted the same day according to the medical center.

I've been waiting since April 4th and the status on the website shows as administrative processing.

I called the National visa center and they said that the case is actively been worked on and that they see the case was updated many times but won't give any details. It been almost 7 weeks and I am waiting for the status to be updated.

I'd really appreciate any info on the processing time for this or any info you might have regarding this.

Please Advise.


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