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  1. srinius

    Travel from US to India

    Hello All, Are flights from US to India is going to get cancelled? My mother is having return flight on 05/12, she just don't want to get stuck here. I know it is risky to go to India, but she got vaccinated here and need to take care of few things in India. Please let me know. Thanks in advance
  2. srinius

    B2 VISA dropbox appointment

    Just FYI, I got appointment on Dec 22nd. Thanks
  3. srinius

    Visitor visa appointment

    Hello, I am trying to take dropbox appointment for visitor visa, but there are no dates available in any city. I checked, https://travel.state.gov, it says temporarily closed. But I know few people who took appointment for student visa recently. Visa appointments for visitor visa is not available? Did anyone took appointment recently. Thanks in advance.
  4. I am also in same situation. Can someone please conform? Thanks in advance
  5. srinius

    Visitor visa extension

    Hello, I am planning to file for visitor visa extension for my parents (current visa already expired). Due to this pandemic, consulates are accepting visitor visas? Do they need to go for in-person visa interview or else any option to send documents in mail? Thanks in advance.
  6. srinius

    can we go for H1 B visa stamp now?

    Thanks for the response.
  7. Hello, During these current situations, can we go to India and go for visa stamping? There are so many rules came, so just want need some confirmation. Please advise. Thanks in advance. Thanks
  8. Hello, I booked my flight in May through British airways. I don't have valid visa stamp, so I need to take transit visa? May I know how long does it takes to get a transit visa? Please help and thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your responses. I am planning to go earlier (at least 3 weeks earlier) and will try to sort out the things, and then we will apply for H4 visa. Thanks again.
  10. Hello, Sorry, I have one more question. Now I am in a situation that I need to visit India. I understand my visa stamping takes around 4 weeks, but have one question. 1. If my wife and I both attend visa stamping at the same time, do my wife gets visa immediately or else she needs to wait for 4 weeks? Problem is she can visit only for 2 weeks, so not sure how to prepare my trip and both needs to be there for one occasion. Please advise, Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you Gopalakrishnach and xTDx for your responses.
  12. Thanks for the response. Can you please clarify, what do you mean by ‘background check’. Visa stamping going to be delayed? thanks in advance.
  13. Hello All, Need advice please. I got DUI in 2015, completed all the court formalities. Currently I am on H1 (with approved 140, but no visa stamping), now we are planning to visit India. - If my wife (h4 visa) goes alone, is she going to face any problems? - Does anyone know any recent denials for H1 with DUI? Please advice and thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, Can you please provide your status. thanks in advance
  15. srinius

    H1B Visa stamp issued 221G Chennai- DUI

    Hello can you please let me know your status, I am in the same boat. thanks in advance