Mother deceased, father to be filed for GC from USCitizen son but father has no merrage certificate

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I am US Citizen and I want to bring my father here. However, there is a problem. My mother passed away 6 years ago and my father has no marriage certificate. I inquired in India but they say there is no requirement to have marriage certificate for that age couple neither Indian authority can issue the certificate as this is >40 year ago. I approached many attorneys In India but all had same response. My father can issue affidavit but I am not sure USCIS will accept mear affidavit.


Anybody passed in this situation or anybody know any solution ? I can not afford to hire attorney. So, have to take support from free resources.


Any help is greatly appreciated


Thanks Mona

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Mr. JoeF,


I just want to pass a very strong message to you that THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS to post this  comment and I will not come to you to ask any support for sure. So, stay away if you can not answer the posted question though out Murthy Forum !!! This forum is for "Help and get Helped" and not for you.





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Again, you need to go back and read my post.


I didn't ask whether I should hire attorney or not. In other words I didn't ask opinion for hiring attorney !!


If you don't know the answer, just keep quite without casting vote on others financial condition. So, keep mum... I don't need your advise.  Give others chance who have the answer.

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As I told, stop answering my post. Now you are bugging me now!! You need to grow up. When somebody says, I don't  need your advise, you stop. Be a mature KID.


I think you are the creator of non existent phrase " Keeping quite" I never mentioned anywhere in this post!!!

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