Re-Entry after staying for 1 year


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I am on an H-1B. My mother is currently on a B-2 visa. She is on her 2nd trip to US. She has been with me since Aug 2015 (We got an approval for her B-2 extension for 6 months). she may return to India in Jul/Aug 2016. She was in the US earlier in 2013 too but for 2 months only. She was visiting my aunt (US Citizen) then.

My wife is pregnant and we are likely to have our baby in Oct/November timeframe. I would like my mother to be with us at the time of delivery. Is it allowed for her to re-enter US within 3 months after having stayed in the US for close to a year?

Any light on this would be extremely helpful


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A visitor should be abroad more than in the US.

A rule of thumb is to be abroad for at least twice the duration of the last US visit before visiting again. In this case, that means your mother should be abroad for at least 2 years before visiting again.


And while a visitor can provide moral support, a visitor can not help in the household during the time of child birth.

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