H1 b visa -urgent need help


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My situation is kind of different ..i got my h1b started from oct 2015 from company A and in november i came to india and had my h1 b stamping done in december.. I could not come back to usa from december 2015 due to personal reasons... Now i dont have. A project and my employer sent me an email stating he is withdrawing h1 and told me to apply for a new project as its been 6 months and come back doing an h1 amendment... My questions are

1.when he says withdrawn does that mean i dont have a h1 visa

2.if i get a project and apply for amendment do i need to reenter usa only after i get the amendment approved

3. Is there any other chances that i can reenter usa with this scenario as he is saying i will be stopped at poe asking for client letter

Please help me with this ,

Thank you

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    I am sorry that you are in the current situation that you are in.


    Your employer was within his/her right to withdraw your H1  since you were out for so long. You can always approach a new employer or have your past employer place you in a position with which they could apply for re-instatement/transfer. You wont need to re apply via lottery (unless you passed 6 year limit without a previous I-140). If your H1 visa stamp is still valid you dont have to go for a re stamping (consult your attorney on this).

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