I485 approved received greencard (in 4days) wifes surname printed wrong


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our I485 was approved last week i am principal applicant

we got greendcard today

my wifes greencard has surname error.

crosschecked i485 i131 i765 new and old EADs everywhere it is correct but on greencard it is wrong

how should i proceed with this now. Any advise.

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me and my wife  met with uscis officer at local office for I-90

my wife's birth certificate was missing a letter when compared to passport

the officer suggested they might have taken birth certificate as legal document and changed name she did not confirm but said need to review the case.

she said she will contact us and asked us not to file I-90. She did not even give I-551 in the passport said to use same green-card for travel and work purposes. (will there be any issue).

how should we proceed with my wifes birth certificate in the meantime. Please advise what should we do.

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