Transferring to new Employer on H1B with I-140 approval


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 I am on H-1B and have I-140 approval. My Client offering a full time position. I am little nervous to accept the new offer.


1. Because I am not sure that Revocation of I-140 approval by current employer is possible or not? I know there is proposal for that. But not sure it is implemented yet. Is this implemented?


2. What are things I should have to consider when I change my employer. Because this is my first employer in US I am changing after working for 7 years.



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As of now with your current I140 approval you can get 3 years with H1b transfer. After that you need to start GC process again ASAP. 

Your current employer can revoke I140. But if your new employer will start GC processing i don't see any problem here. 

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