Medical resident - J1 to O - Rural requirement.


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Husband: Green Card

Wife (medical resident): J1 (3rd year). Applying for Fellowship after residency (2017-2020)

Kids: 2 (Age 5 and 2) (US citizens)



1) waive rural requirement after fellowship for wife.

2) and apply for GC ASAP


Few fellowship programs have offered O visa after fellowship. We have never herd of that visa category, can somone please clarify how O visa will help us achieve above ojectives.


1. What are the requirements to get an O visa
2. Can I get transferred on O visa from a J1?
3. What is the period of validity of O visa
4. If I switch from J1 to O, will that waive the rural requirement?
5. Can I apply for green card while on O visa? Can I switch to H1 from O visa?



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