I 140 approved and badly to change jobs


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Hi All - I have an approved I-140 with a priority date in 2014. Also, I am into the 6th year of my H1B with my current H1B expiring in Sep 2018 (stamped). Given my situation below are few questions:

  1. Assuming that the new company will have to file my GC from scratch, can I retain my old priority date of 2014? I heard few cases where the previous company withdrawing GC application lead to cancellation of original Priority dates ONLY in some cases?
  2. If the new company files for a H1B transfer will I get a fresh 3 years of H1B from the date when the transfer is filed?
  3. Assuming that the new company's H1B transfer is through and if the new H1B expires in December 2018. Should I have an approved I-140 with the new company in order to further extend my H1B?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments.

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