Query on H4 EAD renewal and I140 priority Date.


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I am on H4 Visa. My spouse is on H1B and got his I140 approved few months before. I had applied and received my EAD card now which is currently valid now for 1 Year.


In case my spouse change the current employer after few months understand that will have to go through all the GC process again which includes new I140 approval.


1, Since I have my EAD now based on the current I140 approval, will I be able to renew my EAD after a year with current I140 approval, or will I have to wait and get the new I140 approved for my spouse before I can renew my H4 EAD.


2, If my spouse goes through the complete GC process from start again will we get the Priority date same as what we have now based on current I140 approval or will it be the new date.


Thanks a lot...

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