AP I-94 Expiring; EAD/AP Combo card is still valid

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EB2-India I-485 pending
EAD/AP Combo card valid until Mar 2017.
Last entry into the US was in June 2015 using AP.
I-94 was given for 1 year i.e., until June 2016 which is one month away from now.
EAD/AP Combo card valid until Mar 2017.

Should I do anything to renew my expiring AP I-94?
Am I considered to be in legal status even with AP I-94 expired?

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You do not have to do anything. As long as the combo card remains valid you can use that card . This is just an administrative lunacy which they seem to have started a few years back giving one year I94 which in any case is meaningless given your valid EAD/AP card. Remember to extend the card appropriately.

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