Automatic Visa Revalidation : Travel to Canada by Land or Air?


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Hi All, 
I am planning to go to Canada next month to complete by Canadian immigration landing using AVR (Automatic visa revalidation) rule. I am on H1-B visa and wife has H4 visa, both of us have valid I-94 till Sept 2016 with I-797 but both of us have expired (Sept 2015) H1 & H4 VISA Stamp in our passports . I am slightly confused on whether to travel to Canada through Air or Car ? Most of the discussions that have been shared in the forums are driving through Car. Has anyone execised the airport option? I need your suggestion and advice on questions I have in my mind before I make all my landing plan final for next month, your responses will be highly appreciated. 

Also what are the different documents that is required apart from Passport, CoPR, New I797 with valid I94, Expired Stamping on the Passport, US Bank statements , Canadian Address, Paystubs, Employment Letter etc
Appreciate any reply on this.
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