TImegap between L1 and H1 for 6 years


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I was on L1B visa from April 2012 to April 2015.My extension was applied for L1B but no result came so i returned to India in Jan 2016.

I came back from US in january 2016.

I got by H1B lottery selected from a US employee in May 2016.

If i need to go to US on H1B and complete 6 yrs allowable time - Is it necessary to stay in India for 1 year?

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What about the period between April 2015 to January,2016? Anyway 6 years minus the time you spent in l1 status.

my L1 extension was applied and from april to November 2015.Hence i was in US in that time.My result didnt come in 240 days so I had to return to India.Net i stayed in US for 2 years 11 months ,rest of time I was in india.

Am i eligible for 3 years 1 months now or lesser?

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