F-1 Visa Renewal possibilities if Public Intoxication In Record


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Hi there, 


I have a question about applying to renew a student visa. If a student has a public intoxication offence in his record, and the student pleaded guilty, and paid the fine within the due date. Is it still possible for that student to obtain a new student visa or will he be rejected undoubtedly? 


Notes: the student has no any other criminal offences or arrests in his record. Also, the student got the public intoxication offense in his final month in the US while his visa was expired, and now he is outside of the US and will be applying within a month.   


Thank you so much, and I really appreciate your help as the student has been anxious for a while. 



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Thank you, pontevecchio. 


The student was relieved after your answer. However, he wonders what will be in the physician reference. Will he be doing blood tests or any other exams? The laws in the country where the student lives now prohibit alcohol use there, so the idea of having a doctor reference because of alcohol abuse is not as common there as here in the US. If it happens you know what the doctor will be ordering, please let me know. 



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Thank so much, pontevecchio. We really appreciate your help. One last thing the student wants to ask. He is going to Europe before applying for F-1 visa, so we thought he could visit a doctor there, and get the work done before his US embassy appointment back in his country. I am thinking that will make the student look proactive and really wanting to be back to the US, and I think that might help him to the visa request approved. But we wonder what exactly he should ask the physician to do during the visit. I am assuming some blood exams, but not quite sure. I hope you have a clearer idea about that. 


Also, I am not sure what you meant by "economic and other local impact of visa refusal. 


Again, we can't thank you enough for answering our questions. 



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It does not work that way. First the embassy needs to request any medicals if they deem necessary and then he needs to visit the Physician on the Embassy panel to do the needful. I meant local impact of say a fundamentalist regime finding out he had alcohol in the past. Talk to a Lawyer before applying for the visa.

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