How far employment based GC process can move before joining employer?


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One small company wants me to join them, but this company is not very knowledgeable in immigration stuff.


I might be thr first foreign hire, they are good in $$$ term, but they dont have too many employees ~90-100.


I have asked them to start GC process before I can think about joining them, which I know is possible.


I want to know how far can I delay not joining them without hampering this new GC process (PERM->I140->PD becomes current)?


I know PERM can be done without me joining them, not sure how far can they go?






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No sane company would do that, though. They would have to spend a lot of money without even knowing if you as employee are going to work out for them.

What you try would never make it through competent HR.

I was expecting this :) . Making it work will be my concern.


I was just asking, if it is legally feasible. 

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Best bet is to have them file PERM and join once PERM is approved. Since PERM is the one that takes a lot of time. Even this is going to be good 1 year process.


Then the job can't be all that urgent. Why would the company not just hire somebody else who can start immediately, instead of waiting a year?

This stuff looks quite fishy to me.

Or the OP would have to have some one-in-tenthousand expertise in his field. Then he should be able to find lots of companies that would hire him, pay him a lot of money, and file a GC in EB1-Extraordinary Ability...

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