Possible Detention at POE?


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There is a civil contempt arrest warrant against me issued by a county in GA while I was on Green Card and working there (alimony not paid after divorce). I returned to India and surrendered GC 4 years ago. Like to go to US now for a two day business meeting (B1 Visa )  in a different state. Could I be detained at the POE?


Below is the relevant portion of the order

"The Sheriff of XX County or any other county where the defendant can be found is hereby directed to incarcerate the Defendant, instanter, and to hold him in public jail until he can purge himself of his contempt. The Defendant may purge himself of contempt and be released from custody by paying the sum YY to the Sheriff, with said payment to be thereafter mailed directly to the Plaintiff, (address)"


Thank you for your help. 


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