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Application for N-400 was received by USCIS on 4/11/2016 for both me and wife.

Received I-797C for both.

Wife received letter for biometrics appt (NJ USCIS office). I did not. After speaking to USCIS officer, I found out the zip code in my N-400 application has a typo due to which the letter was issued requesting the biometrics to be done in neighboring state/city –Philadelphia  (closest USCIS office for the incorrect zip code).

I called the USCIS, spoke to the officer and got the letter of biometrics faxed to me.

Wife’s appt is day after my appt (different location/state). Speaking to the officer, he mentioned I can go with my wife, explain the case and request to do my biometrics along with her.

My concern – What if the office in NJ does not accept my request. It will be then too late for me to go to Philly office as my appt is one day before her’s.

Anyone has had similar experience or any suggestion on how I should proceed?


NOTE  – I have file form AR-11 (change of address) with USCIS online and have the proof to show.

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When I got my finger print notice, I had to travel to other state on that day, So I went to the place 5 days before appointment date to the center assigned to me. They said, on the day of appointment I can go to any USCIS office in any state to give finger printing. They accept it. But for me they took mine on that day itself.

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Thanks for all your feedback. Wife and I went to the USCIS office in Elizabeth before my wife's appt date (4/3) and was asked to speak to a supervisor on my reason for coming before appt date. We explained the error and the supervisor agrees for me to come in on 4/3 along with my wife's appt. She correct the date on my letter and signed the copy.

I was able to get the biometricsa done today (4/3) along with my wife at USCIS Elizabeth center without any issues.

My suggestion for people with similar problem is to go talk to USCIS supervisor in person to ensure you don't get rejected.


Good luck !

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We had appointment on 8 am and had to travel 1 hour to get there to the biometrics office in Minneapolis, MN and found that we forgot our green cards at home. We took our chance and explained the situation to the officer and he told us that  we can come back later today or anytime this week with green card and they will take us, of course we went back the same day.


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