Eligibility to attend for visa stamping in Matamoros


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I am planning to attend for visa stamping for 4th time. Last three stampings were done in Sweden, Mexico(Tijuana) and Jamaica. This time I am planning to attend in Matamoros, Mexico. 


I am now with the same employer as my last stamping and in the same visa (H1) category. Am I eligible to attend for the visa stamping at Matamoros this time as I never had visa stamping in home country (India). 


Thanks in advance.



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Thank you for your reply.


I am planning to attend for stamping after one month from the date of H1 extension approval. Is that good enough time for the PIMS to be updated?


Any idea on how long does it takes for PIMS database to be updated after H1 approval is done? Is there any process to request to update the PIMS database? 

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My employer changed the title on new LCA to "Software Engineer" filed fro my extension and is valid from Sep 20, 2016. Until then my current LCA says "Systems Analyst". My visa stamp is currently valid, but I am planning to go for visa stamping early next month for my future approved extension. when filling DS-160, do I have to fill my current work information as "Programmer Analyst" or "Software Engineer"?

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