Need Clarification on I-539 in EAD renewal Process


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When I had applied for a new L2- EAD or my spouse ( Dependent of a L1A Visa Holder), she had filled the I-795 form and we had got the EAD in 3 months in 2017.


Now when we were filing for an extension for the L2-EAD, the USCIS site asked us to fill the I-795 and submit the supporting Docs. We did that.


Now USCIS has asked for the Approval notice for the previous I-539 form. Do they mean they need the Notice of approval for the I-795 that we had submitted the first time?


Because I saw that I-539 is for those who were on F visas and the applied for an L2-EAD once they became dependents of L1 Visa holders.


Please clarify my query.




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