H1B stamping in Nogales, Mexico


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Hello All,

I am planning to get my H1B visa stamped in Nogales Mexico, sometime in May end. Can someone who has recently gone to Nogales please share their experience?


Also, this will be my second time going to stamping in Nogales, any issues going Mexico again for stamping the second time? Not going to home country (India) for stamping?


Appreciate all your help and feedback.


Thank you!

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Hello TeamWork & raja2016,

Can you please share your visa experience in Nogales.

I'm Planning to for my Visa interview first week of june to Nogales.

My question :

I am planning to attend for visa stamping for 2nd time. Last stampings were done in Jamica.This time I am planning to attend in Nogales, Mexico. 

I am now with the same employer as my last stamping and in the same visa (H1) category. Am I eligible to attend for the visa stamping at Nogales this time as I never had visa stamping in home country (India).

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