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  1. Have you taken the dates? From where are you travelling?
  2. Hi, Is someone going for visa stamping at the US Consulate in Nogales, Mexico anytime between now and end of the year? Thanks
  3. teamwork

    H1B stamping at Nogales on Sept 17 and 18

    Appreciate your reply.
  4. teamwork

    H1B stamping at Nogales on Sept 17 and 18

    Hi Nagaraj, I am assuming you went to Nogales and got the visa stamped, can you share how was your experience? Any security/safety issue? Thanks
  5. Hello All, I got my visa renewal successfully stamped at Nogales, Mexico this week. Sharing my experience, hope it helps someone. Would encourage others also to share their experience to help others; as Murthy.com has provided us all a good service for free in the form of this Forum though they don't need to. Let's make this Forum a good place to share our experiences and help others. Day 1 (Sunday) - Since our fingerprinting was in the morning at 11:00 AM on Monday, we drove from Phoenix to Nogales on Sunday afternoon. Stopped on way at Tucson for food. From Tucson it takes about 1 hr. Parked at Ed's Border Parking Lot on the US side. Paid cash for 4 days in advance and told him we overstay more time would pay on return. Walked down to border crossing, about 200 yards, usually entering Mexico they don't see much documentation, but we had Mexico visas. Was asked where are you going - told them visiting the US consulate.From the border crossing it's a very short walk to Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza, that's among the best and safe hotel (as per other reviews on the forum and our previous visit). Found the hotel staff very warm, the restaurant is good and almost busy the entire day, the chef was able to make some vegetarian food also (like rice with vegetables, etc). Hardly anyone in the staff including the Reception knew English, so a bit of a challenge there, but that is true for other people we interacted while we stayed in Nogales. Day 2 (Monday) - asked the hotel reception to get a taxi for ASC - fingerprinting (they know is as "CAS"). Negotiate with the taxi driver, paid USD 5, it's very close to this hotel..around 3 to 4 mins.We asked the driver to stay there so that he could take us back to hotel. Negotiated the return fare with his waiting time to USD10. They all like taking US Dollars! At the Fingerprinting center, we did not take any phones, keys with remote, water bottle or in ladies purse they do not allow cream, lipstick etc. Essentially we only took the papers. It took around 5 mins at this place for fingerprinting and photo and they put a stamp on the Confirmation paper with the interview date and time (which was the following day). We took the same taxi back to the hotel. Most of the times we ate at the hotel restaurant as they were able to make vegetarian food for us, including basmati rice instead of mexican rice. In the evening walked around a little bit around the hotel, there are some eating places, Natural icecream place (which was decent and cheap!), some handicraft shops, etc. There are several dental clinics around the hotel. Observed the shops close by around 7 or 8 PM and not many people walking on the sidewalks. Day 3 (Tuesday) - we had the consulate appointment at 8 AM, had asked the previous day's driver (which the hotel reception has got for us) to take us to the US Consulate at 7:30 AM, took USD5. The driver said he could wait for few more dollars but as we did not know how much time it may take us and it was day time, we decided to explore a little bit and hire another taxi when done with Consulate interview. At the consulate they don't allow any plastic/polythene bags for carrying papers, no ladies purse, cell phones, keys with remote or water bottle etc. They allowed only documents and papers, that too in hand, in files was ok. My wife had a small purse which was basically empty, we had to keep it with a woman on street side (just few steps away from consulate, near a car park lot). The security outside the consulate checked the Confirmation paper, petition and passport. Then inside the consulate the person asked us to remove belt, watch, money, any napkins etc in pockets. Put everything, including documents, through scanner. Asked us to open the files or envelopes which had documents. Then waited in line for being called by visa officer. We had a wait for about 20 mins. Saw they were returning passports to many people before us, indicating either rejecting or requiring to provide additional documents. When our turn came, my wife and I both went to the counter. Asked few general questions like where I work, where I live and for how many years, annual salary.Since I was renewing my visa after the initial allowed 6 years on H1B, she asked how come I am staying in US beyond 6 years. Answered that I have a green card applied from my employer. She tried to look for this, told her that the I-140 approved number is on the petition. She did not seem convinced, showed her a copy of the I-140 approved petition, she verified the number on it with that on the petition. (got a feeling I should have asked my attorney for the original I-140 and showed her that in the first place). The officer told us that the allowed time is 6 years on H1B, then one has to leave the US for atleast 1 year. After a few usual questions, she gave us a card saying our visa would be approved, we could collect the passports from the consulate on receiving the email. (though when we applied the website said we would be collecting the passport from a DHL office nearby). We came out of the consulate, walked down to Nogales Mall next to the consulate. There are several places to eat in the food court in the mall like Subway, McDonadls, a Chinese food place, Dairy Queen, Burrito Hass, etc. There is Applebees, Starbucks, Peterpiper pizza, etc. The mall has Cinepolis for movies if one wants to pass some time. A big Walmart Supercenter is across the mall. There is a Marriott Fairfield hotel coming up behind the consulate. We had some coffee at Starbucks and then a taxi back to the hotel (by now we realized that most taxis have a minimum fare of 50 Pesos, so we negotiated for USD 3 with the taxi driver as the money changing shops advertised a rate of 17 to 17.5 near the hotel/border crossing. Had lunch at the hotel, waited for the email from consulate which we got in the evening informing to come at 4PM to collect the passports. Day 4 (Wednesday): we walked for lunch to a Subway near the hotel, icecream at 'Machianos'. There is a Dominos, but it's a long walk. There is a church very near the hotel (on the main road from the border to the city), walked down there to take a taxi to consulate around 3:30 PM (USD3). Took around 7-10 mins. Waited in line outside the consulate. Again the same drill of security, nothing except papers are allowed. This time we did not take anything except the card that visa officer had given us and some money in pockets. They don't allow phones. After security check, waited for a min before being called to the counter for passport. Had driving license and old passports as proof of ID, but she did not see those. Were out in couple of mins, to take a taxi back to hotel. Packed our bags, had some snacks to eat the restaurant, checked out of the hotel and walked to the border crossing. Here it took us about 45 mins in line, they would ask you to go on 2nd floor for I-94, pay USD6 each fees. Asked a few questions like where I work, my home address, what I do, job title. On my last visit to Nogales it had taken me 3 hours at the border crossing. Walked with the suitcases to the car parking lot (the lot closes at 6PM, luckily we found the attendant walking out after locking the lot; else we would have to call the number on the card for him to come and open the gate. Drove back to Phoenix reaching late in the night. Later felt would have been better to stay back in the hotel (as you have paid for that night anyways, checking out after 1 PM) and drive back in the morning after breakfast. We found the location of the hotel very convenient and safe, service was good, we tried to tip the waiters and service staff every time each day as they tried their best to make us comfortable (and tried their best to understand English!) Hope this helps others planning on going to Nogales. Good luck!
  6. Guess no one is going to Nogales next week!!
  7. Hi gundepudi, My H1 is expired and I have Mexican visitor visa stamped (took by applying to Mexican Consulate). It was easy to get the MX visa, if I recall it costed me some $35 then.
  8. Hi All, I am going to Nogales, Mexico next week for visa renewal, is there someone going too? Or would someone share their most recent experience in Nogales? Thanks in advance!
  9. Sprathyush/RedBlack45: did you go to Nogales? can you share your experiences? Thanks in advance!
  10. teamwork

    Stamping in Nogales

    Hi, I am going next week, have appointment for 7th June. Let me know if someone is going next week? Chinni001: I had earlier posted a message enquiring for Nogales stamping, didnt get a reply from anyone who may have had gone recently. Think there was a post from someone gone in Feb 2016..which was helpful. Thanks!
  11. teamwork

    H1B stamping in Nogales, Mexico

    Hi, I am going May 9th to Nogales, anyone else travelling?
  12. teamwork

    H1B stamping in Nogales, Mexico

    Hello, anyone can share their experience in Nogales for stamping? Appreciate your replies.
  13. teamwork

    H1B stamping in Nogales, Mexico

    Sent you email raja2016. I am looking at going to a consulate closer to US border.
  14. Hello All, I am planning to get my H1B visa stamped in Nogales Mexico, sometime in May end. Can someone who has recently gone to Nogales please share their experience? Also, this will be my second time going to stamping in Nogales, any issues going Mexico again for stamping the second time? Not going to home country (India) for stamping? Appreciate all your help and feedback. Thank you!
  15. teamwork

    H1B visa renewal stamping in Nogales, Mexico

    Hi Forum members, would apprecaite someone can update to this topic. The last posting on H1b stamping in Nogales is of Nov 2012...hence wanted to get some recent info. Thanks