Dropbox-without me going to India during H4 EAD renewal


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This is the current scenario 
1)We have our h1b h4 extension now 
2)I am on h4 EAD 
3)My spouse is going to India 
4)He is eligible for dropbox 
5)I have started my h4 ead renewal process yesterday (as I reached the 120 day limit before renewal only yesterday) 

This might be a dumb question however I didnt find any other thread with the same scenario- 
1)Can I send my documents through my spouse so that he can drop off the documents for the Dropbox visa stamping? 
2)Do you think the consulate will want more information as I have been employed? 
3)Will it hinder my h4 ead renewal process

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Thank you for your reply.

I guess I didn't think through before asking the question.

On thinking about the ds 160 process, one fills out the form under the assumption that he/she is applying from India.

And eventually i94 information wont line up(I guess that's the whole point of entering i94 info)


Sorry for asking a silly question

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