E3 Visa Payroll and Transfer


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Hi Guys,


I just came to USA a month back and got my SSN a week later. I Just want to know is it Compulsory for the employer to run the payroll till he finds the project for me , because when I asked him he said there is no need for E3 visa to run the payroll as the rules are not stringent.


I am really worried because I got different answer from different persons saying that till 3 months there is no need to worry and some says till 6 months and few others says that the rule is similar to H1b and you will lose the status if not paid from day one.


Also if I want to transfer to other employer if my current employer is not running the payroll, can I do that with USCIS without pay stubs or do I need to exit the country to complete the process as new application.


Please Help me guys



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