False DV case in India - impact on H1b transfer and GC


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Hi Gurus/senior members,


I'm on H1B living in the US with my Perm filed.


My "wife" left for India last year and before leaving she threatened me she will file a DV case against me in India. And finally now she did against me and my family. (finer detail - I havent received any court notice in the US nor my parents in their native city in India)


my questions:


- My H1B is expiring in July and company is already filing for an extension. Will there be any issues?


- She has been threatening me and my family to appear before the court (I have already hired a lawyer in India). Do I need to go to India? 


- She used her contacts  to get my parents and me threatened by the cops of her native city (through email) that if we dont show up in the court then they will approach US embassy and get my H1B canceled. Whats the possibility of this? Im DEEPLY worried because of this.


- My Perm has been filed last year (still awaiting approval) and I fall under ROW category. Fingers crossed I should be able to file I140 and 485 in the next few months. How will this impact my GC process? This is the most important question for me. I know its tough for anyone to answer on a particular case but im looking for a response from veterans of this forum who have much higher experience than myself


Sorry if I came off as rambling, im in a troubled state of mind.


Thanks for your help..

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