Problems with Online Travel History


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Dear Folks,


am at wits end - it appears that the online travel history page that the CBP provides is full of mistakes - here is the history


1) On August 31 2015 I entered the US on the visa waiver program and exited on September 5th 2015 (5 days) I noticed that the travel history page my exit was not recorded


2) As a consequence of 1) I called the CBP and was told that "the CBP have the correct information and the online history page is not always accurate" I e-mailed the CBP (not DHS trip but another e-mail) and finally some kind soul corrected my record to reflect the September 5th 2015 exit - 


3) I reentered the USA for 2 weeks on March 28 2016 once again on the visa waiver program and noticed that the corrected date in 1) and 2) was deleted and now my record shows a departure on March 28 2016 and an arrival (and valid I-94) on the same date !


Thankfully I have boarding passes and an e-mail from the airline confirming my exit - but I am told that although the CBP have correct information Embassys still use this often erroneous system to check for overstays - I am not sure but I may well have to apply for a visa next year or the year after 


My question is how do I fix this ? 


Anyone with any experience on this type of issue ?


thanks !




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Hi Guys,


first of all a million thanks for your response - the problem I am told is that although the CBP has correct information the Embassys use the online database regardless and this can cause problems when one applies for a visa 


Is there nothing I can do to get this fixed ?




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What you have been told is wrong.

The consulates have access to your whole file. They don't need to go through a website designed for public use. They have their internal channels.

Again, forget about the online travel history.

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Hi Guys 


thanks a lot for your answers they are indeed reassuring and the make sense. 


May I ask you both  (JoeF and Pontevecchio) to read the following *carefully* and perhaps respond ? Thanks very much


1) I have been told by the CBP that they have the correct information and that the online history is unreliable - thank you both JoeF and Pontevecchio for pointing this out - I often visit the USA on the Visa Waiver Program - However this is NOT what I am worried about - 


2) In a year or so I might have to apply for a US visa and I have been told by a couple of people that consulates have often erroneously been relying on the online TravelHistory and this has caused problems for people - JoeF you kindly pointed out that this is not true - but how do you know this ? Have you seen similar instances ? What you say does make sense - however it might give me peace of mind if you mention what your sources are ?


Many thanks both of you !


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