H1 extension friends help needed urgently


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Hi friends

I have applied for h1 extension in premium processing 4 days back with all required documents including client letter and today I received confirmation about my project ending unexpectadely..so I am worried now because it will take some time to get me next project. So my question is

1.will it impact my current h1 b extension process?

2. Can uscis come back to me asking REF? First will they know about my lay off?

3. Can they contact to my manager as I have provided client letter and it has contact information of my manager.

Please suggest me options. Really appreciate help.


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1) No

2) Your case can go in to RFE but not because your project ends. It could be any reason. 

3) they can


You will be safe if there will be no RFE. In that case find a new project and do amendment ASAP. 

If your case will go in to RFE then you are in trouble.

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