I-94 extention after passport is renewed


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I got my H1-ext in Sep'15 for 3 years. After that I visited India and got the stamping and the stamping is valid until 2018. 
But at the port of entry, The I-94 was issued until 07/2016 as my passport expires in 07/2016. I got my passport renewed now and how can I have my I-94 extended? 


​Can i travel to Canada by car and get a new i94. Please advice.




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Yes. YOU HAVE TO ASK. See if you can drive to the Administrative building before coming to the Kiosk or tell the KIOSK Officer you need a new I94. Just stick to the facts and for 12 or so USD they will give you a new one. You have to ask and say YOU ARE NOT USING AVR. Polite firmness and a smile. If necessary politely ask for a Supervisor. Dress professionally.

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