L1 to H4 COS and travel


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My spouse and children L1/L2 visa will expire during first week of May 2016. I am planning to initiate their H4 VISA (change of status or adjustment of status)  atleast 15 days prior to this expiry date. All of them need to stay with me until June 3 to finish the school year and leave to India as my spouse need to serve her notice period with her employer. FYI- I have my H1b approved petition until end of 2018


My questions are as follows:

  1. Can H4 be done in premium processing?
  2. Can they travel with H4 receipt notice?
  3. Can they use that receipt + my H1B approved petition and go for consular processing and get H4 approval and VISA stamping?
  4. What will filed H4 be abandoned if they travel to India? Do they need to do another H4 for consular processing? How does this work?
  5. When they travel do they need to have transit visa for any middle east countries like Dubai, Qatar or other countries?
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