B2 Visa Primary Occupation - Specific Circustamce


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Hi Team,



My Father (Age 60) is working as a Tamarind Merchant along with his elder brother who is the Owner of the Business. He is a key person in the business where he takes care of our products stored in Cold storage, Selling the products, Shipping to parties, travelling to other places for debt/money collection etc. There is no evidence exists that my father is working with him which means I cannot show Monthly income documents, tax documents etc but my father has a property on his name which is used for commercial purpose. In this situation, 


1. What should be the Occupation that i need to choose?

2. Should I describe about his duties/responsibilities in the Business? If yes, where should I provide the details?. Please note I don't have any documents to show monthly income proof.

3. If duties to be entered, please advice on any key points to highlight or avoid.

4. Will the Property document is enough to show that there is a tie up back in India?


Please assist. Thanks

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Thanks team. I have booked an appointment in May.

Hereby I have a question. In the above mentioned situation, if the consulate officer asks my parents about "Annual income or income tax documents or questions related income" what should they answer. As I said earlier, we don't have any documents for income. Please advise

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