Is it valid working on I-797B without I-94 attached?


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Asking for a friend..


I got visa from employer A and traveled to US with the same Visa from company A and petition issued was I-797B. 


After i entered US, i had to quit employer A for different reasons within a week (without pay stubs) and applied job with another Employer B where i got new I-797B without I-94 information attached on it and i have been working with new employer from last 3 months. My I-94 is valid till Sep 2017. 


I just realized that, it requires Visa stamping and re-entry if the new petition issued is I-797B and no I-94 information attached. Should i leave the country to get Visa stamped or it is legal to stay on I-797B with old Visa from Employer A? My current employer B doesn't see any issues with my current situation.


appreciate your help. Thanks.

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