N-400 stuck in Security clearance after Biometrics, relocating to India before interview


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Good for you. As far as the power of FEDERAL SENATORS is concerned , they are IMMENSELY powerful people who can even ruin Countries and their request is a matter of grave Urgency . The Ombudsman is not anywhere near powerful.

@Shanmanz, Give the person dealing with Immigration matters in Ms. Warrens Office a call and follow up. Send a personal letter by electronic correspondence to the Office attention: The Senator. You have to do some follow up work. On the other hand if the matter involves specific nationalities or names, you may need to file a writ in court.

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Ok following up - as luck would have it, wife went for her interview today. While she cleared the interview, since we had international travel between when we applied and now (couple of short vacations outside the country), they had to do additional checks so couldnt say a yes or no today.


This is just crazy ... they took 9 months to process and now because of this, more delays.


Not sure if there is anything more I can do now :(

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