B2 I94 extension


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My mom arrived US on B2 visa and her I94 expires on march 21st. We applied for I94 extension two months back and still awaiting decision. Initially we decided of sending her on 19th march even if the extension status is still pending and tickets have been booked. But she is having a medical condition now and doctor has advised her to take bed rest for couple of weeks. Now i am trying to understand the consequences if she stayed beyond march 21. I know that if extension is denied, she has to leave right away.


If she leaves on march 30th and if extension status is still pending as of march 30th and got denied later, say April 30th , then


1. Does her current visa becomes void?

2. Does she have to attend visa interview again before making her next visit to US?

3. Does her stay from march 22 to 30 counts as unlawful or out of status presence?



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