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I want to know, How long I can work on H1B visa before 6 yrs is completed. My Situation is as follows.


Event -------------------------------------Entry Date---------Exit Date-----Duration in US

1. Entered US on L1 Visa             May-31-2010      Jul-31-2012     2 Yrs 2 Months

2. Applied H1B on 06-Jun-2012  (Application Date)

3. Entered US on H1B Visa          Oct-17-2013         Currently in USA


I have stayed more than one year outside USA. But my H1B application was submitted, when I was in USA. So, there was not one year gap between H1B application and exit from USA. So, will the 6 Yrs count happen starting from May-31-2010    or  from  Oct-17-2013  ?


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