Old paid speeding tickets with no proof of payment or exact dates


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I am eligible to apply now for citizenship, since I have completed 5 years with GC. I am filling up my N400 form; and I have two questions which I request your suggestions.

1) Over a decade ago, I had 2 minor speeding tickets from two states MD & PA (1 in 2003, and 1 in 2005) while I held a drivers license of one state (MD). On both occasions, I was only given a citation (with a fine less than $100 each). There were no arrests. I remember paying both the fines on time, but I don't have any documents related to that. I have since moved to a third state (TX) about 11 years ago. 

I requested my driving record from the state (MD) in which held my DL then. But the driving record does not show the 2 tickets. When I called their DMV, they looked up their database and could not find any history of my tickets since their older records get expunged after a certain number of years (especially after I moved out of state). I will apply for a printed drivers record from TX and MD states (that will obviously show a "clean slate" with no tickets) to show as evidence.

I also called and requested the other state (PA) 's DMV to check if their database showed any trace of my speeding ticket received in their state. Their office said on the phone that they have no record of my ticket in their system. They also said that they cannot issue any driving record about me, because I didn't have any PA drivers license at any time.

Should I mention these 2 old speeding tickets on the N-400 with approximate month/year and state (since I don't remember the exact county/city or exact dates when I received the 2 tickets)?  Is this going to be a problem? 

But if the IO asks for evidence that these 2 old tickets were paid, I don't have any proof of payment. What documents can I take with me to prove that these 2 old tickets were paid?

2) With my current TX driver license, I got a minor speeding ticket (with $40 fine; no arrest) in MT in 2015. I paid this ticket on time. But this ticket is not showing up in my current TX Drivers Record. I called the MT county office (on whose website which I paid the ticket online), and they said that such minor speeding tickets are not reported to other states (TX, in my case). I have the online proof of payment (email receipt) for this fine. I am planning to print this email as proof of payment. Is this enough documentation?

I am looking forward to your suggestions.


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I called USCIS regarding this. They explicitly said traffic citations need NOT be mentioned. 


For PA fines check https://ujsportal.pacourts.us 


For naturalization, ALL moving violations, which includes speeding tickets, have to be mentioned. See the instructions for the N-400.

That the people at the USCIS no-help line don't know that is not surprising. That stuff is outsourced, and the people who answer the phones are clueless.

The N-400 instructions say that no documentation is required if the fine was below $500.

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