Can I renew my H1B visa at Tijuana consulate?


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Hello All,


My current H1B visa was issued by US consulate at Vancouver, Canada which is already expired so I'm planning to renew my H1B visa at Tijuana consulate. I read in some previous posts which says that one cannot renew their visa at Tijuana consulate if the previous visa was not issued from home country.


I read through the consulate website and there is no mention of this limitation. Wondering if there is anyone in this forum who had a successful visa interview at Tijuana with similar background? 


Appreciate any help.

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Hi h4visa1,


Did you get you H1B visa stamped? And was it from Tijuana?

Please do let me know.

I also had my previous H1B visa stamped from Vancouver and this time, I am planning to go to Tijuana.

It will be nice to get some feedback from you.


Thanks in advance..

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