H1B stamping for company change


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2 months back I have changed my company from company A to company B in US.

My passport has a H1B visa stamp(company A) that has an expiry date as 19-NOV-2016.

When I changed from company A to company B, with recaptured time, I received an approved petition(company B) that has an expiry date as 18-JAN-2017.

Now, I am planning for India travel in May 2016(10 days).

Do I have to get the visa stamped(company B) in India so that my passport would also have a visa stamp(company B) with an expiry date of 18-JAN-2017?

If yes, am I eligible for (interview waiver)Drop-box submission method? How much time Drop-box process takes?

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Thank you all for the response.

I am planning for another trip to India in Nov 2016, and that is why I was thinking of getting my company B visa stamped during my May 2016 India visit. So while coming back from India after my second trip in Nov 2016, I will have visa on passport till Jan 2017.

Will there be any issue if I get company B visa stamped in May 2016?

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