Minor travel from India to US without parents for vacation


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I tried searching in the forum for a related topic, but never had luck to find the right answers.


I have a nephew (my cousin's son) who is 9 years old residing in India. He has already visited us in San Jose with his parents in 2013, but now I would like to get him here to spend his summer vacation with us (myself, my wife and my son) for a month. I am travelling to India on a business visit and I am planning to get him with me to the USA and my wife who will be travelling to India a month after would be travelling back with him.


He already has a visitor visa valid (issued from last time). But, I do not know what documents his parents have to provide and what other questions the immigration officials will ask me when he is coming into the US. What documents do I need to carry to allow him to come with me?


I am trying to coordinate all this as soon as possible to avoid expensive airfare.


Any quick help will be appreciated.





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