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Hi there,


I need some help about my parents visa. I am planning to invite my parents to US from India on B2 tourist visa. I have filled their DS160 in Dec 2014 and then paid the visa fees. After that, I scheduled the appointments in January 2015. But I need to reschedule the appointments several times and now I am not able to see the appointment details. Looks like it’s been 1 year, so there receipt is expired and I need to pay the visa fees one more time. Is this true that visa fees get expired if did not schedule visa appointment within 1 year?

Also another question is can I use the same DS160 form that I filled 1 year before or I need to fill new DS160?


Thank you for your replies.


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You need to fill a new DS-160 and also pay fees. The fees expires if the interview is not scheduled within 1 year. Ex: If you pay fees on 01-01-2015. Your interview date needs to be before 01-01-2016.

Thank you for these inputs. Do I need to do anything with old DS160 like delete it or remove it? Because I dont want to have two DS160 for one person's same visa. Thank you.

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You do not have to do anything with your old DS160. It will remain in the State Dept database. There is no problem with having multiple DS160s since a new one gets submitted each time you apply for a visa. You can use your old DS160 application ID to create a new DS160 and save some in filling the form.

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