Successful stamping in Vancouver -Feb3


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I attended H1B stamping interview at Vancouver on Feb 3rd 2016. I arrived 15 minutes early and was allowed in. There was hardly any wait and security was quick. My H1B was approved with consular processing only on Friday Jan 29th and I was little skeptical about PIMS since it was only 5 days after. On second floor they verified the passport for PIMS and I found out that my PIMS had just been cleared that morning itself( Not bad for 5 days). Fingerprinting was quick and I was sent to the 20th floor for interview. There were 2 counters initially and then another counter was opened. I had a wait of approximately 5-10 minutes. There was a asian officer and he hardly looked at me. He took my passport and I797 and grilled me about my DS 160 which included my education (Bachelors and Masters), my new job, my family and finally after getting all the answers from me, the VO said my visa was approved. Since it was a Wednesday, I did request him to give my passport back on Friday since Monday Feb 8 was a long weekend(Canada Day). The VO did taunt me that I should have planned my travel properly but mentioned that there is a 25% possibility of getting the passport. I did receive the email on Thursday Feb 4th and picked up my passport on Feb 5th at 9 AM. Overall, I think if you have all the papers , be confident and honest and it should be easy from there. All the best to everyone.

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I will really appreciate if you could please provide me with answers to the following.
1) What did you tell Canadian immigration authorities while entering canada as to why are you going to vancouver?
2) Did Us consulate ask you why didn't you go to india instead for stamping? If yes what was your answer.
Thank you very much for your help.
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