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  1. I have diploma degree and worked for 13 years on H1B and filed GC in EB3 in 2007. Now I am completing bachelors next month. Can I upgrade to EB2? Or I need to gain work experience for certain years before I file to EB2.
  2. JP2015

    Calling all Calgary CA 221Gs in 2016

    Is your occupation falling in TAL List?
  3. JP2015

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    As per my digging, i found TAL list occupation are main reasons., On top of that, sometime technical issues with DS 160 form. example.. you schedule interview in Vancouver and appear in Calgory. Or.. EVC model where they need more verification.
  4. JP2015

    DS 160 Expiry Question

    i have same question. did you find answer from anywhere else?
  5. JP2015

    H1B Stamping 3rd time at Toronto

    do you know for how long DS160 stay valid after submission? i..e after submitting it, can you really attend interview after 2-3 months? Can't find information anywhere on line. Some people said, as long as details are not changed you should be fine. The only concern is we do mention US travel back date in that form. If you schedule your appointment later, that date will not match. thoughts?
  6. JP2015

    Successful stamping in Vancouver -Feb3

    What was your appointment time?
  7. After submitting DS 160 form, within how many days i have to appear for Interview? For example, I submitted in June and got application number with the barcode. I already took a date in July but now i m thinking to go somewhere in August. Will DS 160 still be valid? Within how many days it expires?
  8. JP2015

    Question about DS-160 and appointment

    After submitting DS 160, within how many days you have to attend the interview? Is it ok to attend after 3 months after submitting DS 160 form?
  9. Dates are update everyday around 11 a.m for canada. Today, entire August and September is open for Vancouver. Or you just keep refreshing every hour. You will find something.
  10. what happened to your case? did you get visa after all?
  11. Did you check your DS 160 form? As per this letter it says some information is missing in your form. You can also retrieve your DS 160 form from your previous stamping. Just compare them side by side to check what is missing.
  12. I am going at the same time. Send me an email at **************@gmail.com
  13. JP2015

    Visa Experience Vancouver June 20th

    Vancouver - All dates are taken Ottawa - September is open. You just need to keep refreshing every day every hour and you will find a date in Vancouver too. I was able to find my desired date in 4 days after submitting the application.
  14. JP2015

    Visa Experience Vancouver June 20th

    Please mention your passport pick up date when you know. My date is 14th July Thursday. Just wondering, if i would get passport back on Monday.
  15. JP2015

    H1B Stamping 3rd time at Toronto

    Well, I already did enough research before I posted my comment here. There reason why I am asking here is because they may be doing randomly on some cases. For India, they officially announced it and I know that. Also, when i went for stamping to Vancouver last time (2 years) ago, they told one candidate in front me that your interview is waived as soon as she submitted her document and provided her fingerprint. Not sure what was her case, but she was there for her visa renewal. Thanks for your wise advise though.