Passport Expiring - Travel to India


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Here is my situation.


Question 1 - My passport expires on July 30th 2016 and I have to travel to India in March 1st week and returning by the end of April 2016. Is it better to renew my passport in India before coming back to US or should I renew my passport before going to India?


Question 2 - I have visa stamping from Employer A till Sep 2016 and I moved to Employer B. Do I need to go to stamping again if I intend to travel around dates in Question 1?

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The I94 on entry will be till passport expiry or the petition expiry whichever is sooner. Hence get a new Passport here and carry both in future. No new visa needed for B.

Thanks for your response. Will I be able to come back to US without any issue and then renewal my passport or is it better to renew my passport in India as I have close to 2 months time in India?

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