I-797 for Dependent (H4) Visa


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Please review my case below and advice. 


I have done H1B stamping (Expired Sep 2015) with my previous employer  on Sep-2012 along with that my wife and son  also got their H4 stamping.


On June 2013 I have traveled to United stated alone .


On Jan 2014 i have switched to another employer  and they did my I-797 (Current) but they didn't do I-797 extension for my Wife and Son since they were not in United States at that time.


On March 2014 I brought my Wife and son to US,  since the Visa stamped with previous employer didn't expired we didn't got for stamping that time and our I-94 also shows the Current I-797 expiration date.


We are planning for trip to India in Feb 2016 and we have scheduled Dropbox appointment this time.


My current I-797 is valid till Dec 2016.  


can I provide my current I-797 for my wife and kid too, since they didn't have one for themselves?


Is it  mandatory that H4 visa applicant should have their own I-797(In my case they didn't have since they where not in US while i had my extension)?

please note, This would be our 2nd Visa Stamping for same class of Visa (Previous one was at 2013) 


Am concern whether will it  have some implication in our VISA stamping.


Thank you.

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