Global Entry Application with DUI


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I got arrested for DUI in Dec 2015. I am yet to get to court/dmv hearings yet. I recently applied online for a Global Entry. I got conditionally approved and have been asked to attend in-person interview (some time in June).


Assuming that I will be convicted, is a Global Entry Application Denial an absolutely certain reality, or is there a possibility that I could be approved? Is there any difference of attending the in-person interview before or after the conviction?

Since, I had been conditionally approved for an interview after I applied at the GOES portal - I assume they may not have yet seen my arrest record. 

Question: What is the likelihood of final approval if I were conditionally approved for the interview?


I have no previous record of any arrests and have been a good citizen apart from this tainting incident.


Can someone advise on what is the likelihood of approval, of if there is anything that can help better my chances for the approval, prior to the interview?




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A conviction for DUI will nullify the Global Entry privilege. A rehabilitative disposition in a favorable state along with Expungement of the arrest record and the criminal record will maximize the chances that they do not find out. Do not lie about any question asked. They are only interested in convictions. Rehabilitative disposition is not a conviction. In these days of electronic passport entry it would make little difference except your TSA Pre which is almost a given if you have Global entry. Are you a citizen? Which state are you in?

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Pontevichio>> I am not a citizen. Just a green card holder.

century>> I was arrested and fingerprinted on my DUI

I understand that I will be subject to secondary inspection (taken to another room and asked about my prior arrest) each and everytime at the port of entry - a very bad disadvantage. Any way I can avoid that extremely inconvenient situation especially while traveling with family?

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