Change of employer in EAD


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Hi experts,

I have a query related to EAD. My husband has a EAD but due to backlog we are not sure when his green card will arrive and there has been no notice from USCIS for any RFE or approval on 485. However, he already has another job offer who aren't willing to wait any longer than few more weeks for him to start. Due to family emergency and location constraints he needs to relocate ASAP. Is there a way that he can now change employers and continue to work in his current EAD or will he have to do an H1 transfer and start the whole process again? Please throw in some insights. Any expert opinion is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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We will but was trying to understand if there is a mandatory period governed by USCIS in EAD or something like that before you are allowed to change employers. And also once you change employers will the new 485 need to be filed. Again, thank you for any inputs anyone has given here in the forum. It is highly appreciated. 

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