Indian visitor visa for USA citizen (infant baby)


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I am planning to apply for Indian visitor visa for my infant baby (usa citizen).


(1) Can we even apply for visitor visa for my infant baby. We(parents) are Indian citizens. Should it instead be 'entry' visa?


(2) How long does it take to get the visa in hand if we apply in person in San Francisco.


(3) How long does it take to get OCI/PIO -- Heard it takes long time and that is the reason for applying to visitor visa.


(4) If we the baby needs to stay for more than 6 months in India (on India Visitor visa, not oci/pio), what should be done ? 

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From what I have heard, Indian visa usually take 1 - 3 weeks. Generally for US citizens the visitor visa is for six months.


I became a US citizen last fall and once I got my US passport the whole process of renouncing my Indian citizenship and obtaining an OCI took six weeks.


When applying for OCI you do not have to send in any original documents including US passport. Once the process is complete you send in the passport and they send it back with a U visa sticker and the OCI card. (I got the sticker as of November 2015). My understanding is that if OCI is getting delayed you can apply for a visitors visa.


For children the OCI documents have to be re-issued every time they get a new passport. 


PIO scheme has been withdrawn.



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