Traveling to India on OPT after graduation with full time job Offer letter and EAD Card


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I graduated from Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia in December 2015. I applied for my OPT in September and its been approved and mailed to my university address on 31st of December. Since my university is closed for holidays i will be collecting it on January 4th 2016. 


I have a full time job offer letter from a company in Atlanta to start on 25th January and since I have few days in between, I am planning to go to India on 8th January and come back to Atlanta on 24th January. 


Initially I got a offer letter to start on 4th January, but couple of weeks ago, I called the HR and asked if I could delay my start date since I wasn't sure if my OPT will be approved on time to start on 4th January. They accepted my request and sent me a "letter of addendum", saying all the rules in my offer letter will be applicable except my start date is postponed to January 25th.


I will be having all the following documents apart from my educational documents


1) EAD Card 

2) Full time Job Offer Letter and 

3) Letter of addendum (for the postponement of my start date)

3) Residence in USA lease agreement



Since there has been lots of issues going with the immigration for the students in USA, i request your advice of my travelling plans.

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