Need help on H4 Stamping - I539 Not approved yet !!


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Please can anyone help me with the below scenario.

I was on L1 from a IT Mutinational Company A, I filed my H1 through an Indian Desi Consultancy and got my H1 approved in Oct 2015. Currently I am working at a new client location and my wife has to go to India, her H4 petition has been applied but it is not approved yet.

She has currently an expired L2 visa and hence needs to go for stanping - Will there be any issue if she goes for stamping before the H4 petition is approved ??


My amendment filing is yet to be filed  and will be done soon !!

Please advice if my wife can go for H4 stamping although her H4 petition is not approved yet and what documents would she need for stamping

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