Urgent please H1B Extension Chances


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Hi, I am completing 6 yrs on my H1B on Jan/05/2017 and working for INDIAN MNC in IT.


my Company applied for green Card perm (labor),9089 is filed on 12/15/2015.


Please let me know risk and chances of getting H1B extension after Jan/05/2017.


I am thinking below scenarios-I might stay in one of the below scenarios by that time Jan/05/2017(6 yrs completion)


1)PERM is not approved till Jan/05/2017 (one year completed)

2)PERM is approved and 140 is not applied

3)PEMR is approved and 140 is not approved

4)PERM is approved and 140 is approved


I request you please let me know the options/risk of getting H1B extension after Jan/05/2017.


Thanks so much for your time and feedback.







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Since your PERM was filed 365+ days prior to the expiry of your 6 year quota, either your PERM has to be pending adjudication by the time you reach your 6 year cap or you should have an approved 140 by then to get your visa extended. 


Always have a plan B and prepare to exit the country and re-enter once you have an approved 140 and H1b extended in the worst case scenario. Save up some money by then to account for expenses if need be. There is always a risk when you enter into GC process at the last moment.


Best of luck.

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